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Founded in early 2004, e-Migration New Zealand has grown from a boutique immigration consulting company to a multi-partnered business. We have now been together for over a decade and in that time we have all stayed in the business because we love what we do, like each other, and remain very successful. As a result we have a lot of happy customers enjoying our country.

Our team has worked in the immigration industry in excess of 20 years. We offer a set of varying backgrounds and are spread throughout the country, so are able to assist you wherever you intend to work and live in New Zealand. We have the ability to help you in many facets of the immigration process, with the relationships we have throughout the country.

Kim Saull  L.L.B.
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Before starting e-Migration Kim had almost 10 years experience in the immigration field. Prior to that, he had 17 years in a variety of New Zealand businesses, mainly in sales, marketing and export management roles.

Kim has previously specialized in helping investors and business people wishing to relocate or invest in New Zealand, but in keeping e-Migration in Auckland as a family-based business, now covers all types of applications, appeals and Ministerials.

DDI/M: +64 (0) 21 836 076
E: kim@e-migration.co.nz

Patrick Saull  BSc Psych
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Patrick (Pat) started his immigration work at a very young age, often accompanying his father into work during the school holidays and doing the filing!

Later, while studying for his degree at Auckland University Pat began working part time for e-Migration (in 2006) and over the years he has built up a very good knowledge and passion for the business.

After completing his Psychology degree Pat became a full time administrator, worked on case preparation for Kim, before obtaining an Immigration Adviser’s licence in his own right.

Pat is married to Nozomi, originally from Japan and until the birth of their first child, our receptionist and administrator, a role now handled by Pat’s Mother and Kim’s wife, Catherine.

DDI/M: +64 (0) 21 0290 9030
E: pat@e-migration.co.nz

Dion Smart
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Dion began his career in 1993 with the Department of Internal Affairs, Citizenship Office.

In 1994 he began working as an Immigration Adviser initially based in Wellington then completed several years in the United Kingdom before returning to Auckland in 2001 where he continued his work in this field working extensively with NZ employers helping locate and bring staff to fill major skill shortages spending significant periods outside the country.

Dion joined Pam in Tauranga in 2005 and e-Migration NZ Central Division was established.

DDI/M: +64 (0) 21 713 332
E: dion@e-migration.co.nz

Pam Hyslop
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Pam has been in the immigration field since 1992, twelve of those years with a large consultancy in Auckland. In that time she has travelled extensively to meet clients in Southern Africa, South East Asia, United Kingdom and the United States.

Prior to working in this field Pam worked in the recruitment industry so has extensive experience and understanding for those wishing to take another direction in life.

DDI/M: +64 (0) 21 543 098
E: pam@e-migration.co.nz

Peter Croxson  Dip NZ Policing
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Peter is aged 58 years and has lived in Christchurch most of his life. He joined the New Zealand Police in 1973 as a Cadet and was based in Christchurch throughout his policing career. He retired from the police in 2003 at the rank of Detective Sergeant, after heading the South Island Proceeds of Crime Unit.

Peter was then employed as a consultant with a large private New Zealand immigration company and relieved as the South Island Manager of this company for some time. He found that the detective skills that he had acquired over many years, including meticulous attention to detail, dovetailed perfectly into the immigration consultancy role. He formed ‘e-Migration NZ (South Island Division)’ with Simon Moore in 2005.

E: peter@e-migration.co.nz

Simon Moore  Dip NZ Policing
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Simon is aged 50 years and is married with two children. He also has lived in Christchurch most of his life.

He joined the New Zealand Police in 1983 as a Constable and two years later he transferred to the Criminal Investigation Branch in Christchurch. Simon reached the rank of Detective Sergeant in 1994. After working on many high profile cases he decided it was time to move on and in 1999 he left the New Zealand Police to own and operate the Madeira Hotel in the tourist town of Akaroa. This business thrived under his ownership and was sold two years later.

DDI/M: +64 (0) 27 437 8222
E: simon@e-migration.co.nz

Nick Frost
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Nick is 25 years old and has spent most of his life living in Blenheim and Christchurch. He graduated from the University of Canterbury in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts. He double majored in History and Maori and Indigenous Studies, and minored in Classics. The research and analysis skills that he learnt at university, together with his interest in culture and diversity have aided him in his transition into the field of immigration. He began working for e-Migration in March 2014 as an Office Administrator and considers himself very lucky to be working with such knowledgeable professionals as Simon and Peter.

E: nick@e-migration.co.nz